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The Vulcan RAM

The ultimate in quality, rarely found today - a possession you will be proud to own in so far as we guarantee our RAMs forever. We build them in such a way that they will never cease to function. Every part is made to our specification - nothing is bought off the shelf. All RAMs are hand assembled, finished from cast iron, brass and gunmetal components and all RAMs are extensively tested before being shipped.

The main castings are in cast iron with valve seats in gunmetal for anti-corrosion and longevity. Elegant brass taps adorn the air vessel and the whole RAM is painted and finished to a very high standard.

Simple Type RAM

This type of RAM utilises only one power water source and pumps this same water to a higher source. As has been previously described, this can be from a fall as low as 20 inches (50cm) and is suitable for use when either the water in question is potable and pure or if the water is impure and is not required for human consumption.

Compound Type Vulcan RAM

Where the supply of pure water is too small to work a Simple RAM, but where a stream of impure water is also available, a Compound RAM may be recommended with confidence, as these machines use the impure water for power purposes and raise the pure water only.

We manufacture two types of compound RAM:
Piston - with this type of RAM we guarantee that the impure water which drives the RAM cannot in any way be mixed with the pure water that is pumped. This type of RAM is extremely useful where there is an ample supply of impure water but only a limited supply of pure water from a small spring. The spring is led down to the RAM and pumped by the Piston Type Compound RAM from a tank adjacent to it. This type of pump will pump under the most severe conditions.

The Leviathan Hydraulic Engine RAM

The self-working PATENT HYDRAULIC ENGINE raises water 200 feet, or more, above the level of the spring or river where it is applied. By this Engine, towns, houses, factories, canals, gardens, farms and land upon elevated situations can be supplied with a constant stream of running water.

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For less severe conditions a Tubular Type Compound RAM can be utilised.


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