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Overview - Green and Carter - Inventors and patentees of the Hydraulic Ram Pump. Manufacturers of Hydraulic rams, hydram, water powered pumps, vulcan ram, blake ram, easton ram and vacher ram. RAM pump hydraulic (power free) pumps for irrigation, agriculture. The eco freindly solution to water transfer - by ram pump system. repalces solar powered systems, alternative energy, enviromentaly freindly pumps, eco safe, maintainance free water pumping systems.
Does it work?

The Vulcan RAM is field proven by the units that have been installed in almost every country in the world, developed and developing, for over two centuries.

Every pump is guaranteed forever. Most RAMs, installed prior to 1800, are still working as well as the day they were installed, and we still maintain a stock of all parts on the shelf. Read the Story of Gowran Castle in Kilkenny

In 2013 our product was installed in China - Watch Video

2 inch Vulcan Simple
Type RAM - Tanzania
1½ inch Simple Type
Vulcan Ram
6 inch Simple Type
Vulcan Ram
Where is it used?

The Vulcan RAM is ideal for remote situations. Due to having no moving metal parts it requires only minimal maintenance and can usually cope with some degree of sediment and debris in the water. It does not require constant filter changing.

They can operate with very low falls or with extremely high falls, pumping to heads of more than 300 metres (1000 feet). Way beyond the capabilities of most imitators' units.

The Vulcan RAM is manufactured in over 60 varying types and sizes so there is a RAM built exactly for your requirements, whether you require high or low output.

How can I calculate what pump I need?

To give you an idea of what pump will suit your requirements please use our free Blake's Hydram Calculator

The link will open in a new tab with helpful instructions.

Do they last?

Units are heavily constructed of cast iron and gunmetal. There is no substitute for this material. Imitators use plastics (which are subject to UV degradation), steel (which corrodes) and nylon seals and O-rings which become useless with the slightest wear.

Many large organisations and notable personages have used Vulcan RAMs with complete satisfaction for years (see our client list)

Are they Expensive?

Vulcan RAMs are extremely competitively priced and are generally available for immediate delivery.

Why Should you buy a Vulcan RAM?

We are the market leaders in RAM technology worldwide. Whether you have in mind an installation in the developing world, Western Europe or the United States, a Vulcan RAM should be your first choice.

Nobody manufactures such a wide range of RAM's, from drive pipes sizes of ¾ inch (1.9cm) to 30 inches (76.2cm) - or more to order. We also manufacture the Compound RAM.

TESTIMONIALS - click to read

Mr Brown, Hardwick Farm, Cheshire, UK

Mr T Jones, Bromyard, Hereford, UK

Mr Simon Harris



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