Mr & Mrs Brown,
Hardwick Farm
Cheshire, UK

1st February 2002

Dear Sirs,

3 inch Vulcan Simple Ram number 59050
Installed 9th August 1997

Working conditions:
Fall 8 feet
Drive water 30 gallons per minute
Lift 120 feet
Delivery 1440 gallons per 24 hours (1 gallon per minute)

We are writing to tell you about this RAM which you installed for us on our farm five years ago this August.

It is a remarkable machine that has entirely met your original claims and far exceeded our expectations. During the time that is has been installed, not only have we not spent one penny on parts or servicing, we have not been near the RAM or lifted the cover of the RAM chamber.

During this time it has worked unceasingly. In fact, we have calculated that the number of beats of the RAM has done which totals 2,275,200!

You are very welcome to use this letter as a testimonial to the quality of your RAMs.

Yours faithfully
Mr & Mrs Brown