Dear Mr Doble,

Thank you so much for your very kind email after receiving coffee which has made me realise I never wrote an email to you after water came!  Apologies.

Thanks for taking the effort to give me your "problem sorting" email.  We followed your instructions to the letter and I am not quite sure what we did, but I think the problem was a loose bolt on the grid valve.  I think one of the brass studs had got stripped.  Quite why that problem coincided with the original problem of stolen pipes I'm not sure.  Anyway, I don't think we have had the pump working so well, ever!  So, huge thanks.  Next time I will not dig up nearly a kilometre of pipe!

Totally agree with your assessment of clients!  But, keep going, the hydram is the most brilliantly simple and effective machine ever made.  I can't think why  they are not everywhere, especially in these environmentally conscious days.  The hydram here was probably bought in the late 40's or early 50's and except for a bit after Independence has been in constant use. It has outlasted two stone storage tanks!  It is serving probably about thirty people here and the entire community use the cattle trough which is probably about 100 cows goats and sheep, and as I write this the old man out the back is watering the rhubarb!

The hydram we bought from you about three years ago for Ngecho Secndary School (the school we are building) now serves nearly 400 students with proper flush loos, the kitchen, everything, and, gives drinking water to the Primary School.  (It is no wonder they are such desirable objects to steal!)

So, thanks for everything, and if any client is dubious about their efficacy or about the service you provide - put them in touch with me.  I will tell them!

I hope you do drink coffee - my staff call it "network" since it when most of the work actually gets done, at coffee break.

Thanks, and I shall be ordering more bits soon.  Please don't reply, but keep in the business for another thirty years.

Best wishes, Simon Harris